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NEW! version 2.3 available! 

The most visible change is that the  name changed to lowercase nxtrc and now it has a configure and a  Makefile (Thanks  Damian!). See the ChangeLog in the Readme file for more.


I work on Linux and I found that there is very little around on how to use the NXT Mindstorm by LEGO with BlueTooth on Linux, so I started writing my own set of tools. I have finished a first version of a Program to interact with NXT and a group of functions to do various tasks.

It's called nxtrc (NXT Remote Command) and the Help that tells you what it can do is this:

nxtrc vers. 2.3 - A program to interact with LEGO Mindstorm NXT
using a Bluetooth connection.

Usage: nxtrc [-a ADDR] [-v] command
-a ADDR Connect with NXT at ADDR
required unless -s is used
or ADDR is in BTADDR Env Var
-v Be verbose
and one command
-i Get info on NXT brick
-l[PATT] List files on NXT brick
matching PATT if present (e.g. -l*.rxe)
N.B. No spaces between -l and PATT!
-b Get Battery Level
-n NAME Set NXT name to NAME
-w FILE Write FILE on NXT
-W FILE Same as -w overwriting FILE if exists
-r FILE Read FILE frome NXT and save it
-d FILE Delete FILE frome NXT
-p FILE Run Program FILE on NXT
-k Stop a program running on NXT
-m FILE Play Sound File once
-M FILE Play Sound File indefinitely
-z Stop Sound Playback

nxtrc -s Scan for BT devices

if more than one command is given only
the last one is performed.

It wasn't easy as BlueTooth support with linux is not well documented but with the Bluez utilities and some info I found on the net I was able to communicate with the NXT.I wrote a short intro on how to do that,it's obsolete now but you can find it here.

Download the source of nxtrc and follow the instruction to build the program. The Readme is available as well as a text file. An HTML version of the Man page is here.

With this and the excellent NXC compiler by John Hansen I am having a lot of fun with Linux and the NXT

If you want to contact me you can E-Mail to
gianpiero.puccioni AT
Please put NXT or NXTRC somewhere in the subject.

Have Fun!
GianPiero Puccioni

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